VMware vRealize Network Insight Demo


Join us for a 30 minute complimentary training session on vRealize Network Insight to learn how you can build, optimize, and secure network infrastructure across on premise and multi-cloud environments. vRealize Network Insight can accelerate micro-segmentation deployments and give administrators better visibility into and control of their virtual networks.
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Find out how KVM and container virtualization differs and how each can be used to create a flexible virtualization solution for any business environment.


ThinLinc Linux Remote Desktop ServerTechnical Deep Dive - On-Demand Webinar

Join this IGEL Community Webinar for a deep dive in to the ThinLinc Linux Remote Desktop Server solution. You will be able to ask any question. We can answer anything ranging from installation questions and features to implementation details and development plans.In this webinar, we’ll cover:
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VMware Carbon Black Cloud Product Overview Webinar

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Product Overview Webinar is a routine hour long technical overview, highly essential and recommended for existing customers who are interested in deploying VMware Carbon Black Cloud to enhance efficacy of their cloud-native endpoint security.
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5G and SDN Laying the Software-Defined Foundations for 5G Networks


5G and the applications it enables, including IoT, requires a significant upgrade and overhaul of carrier infrastructure beyond the radio networks (RAN). To support the diversity of applications, explosion in number and types of devices, capacity and scale of traffic, CSPs (communications service providers) are turning to adoption of data center innovation adapted and re-developed for telco networks. Virtualization, software-defined controls, distributed computing technologies in the form of NFV, SDN and MEC play key roles in the new telco infrastructure. One of the key technologies is SDN, which is important to creating flexibility in the network to support 5G constructs such as network slicing. SDN’s centralized management and distributed controls over complex software-defined networks across the mobile infrastructure is also a key element in 5G scalability.
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Virtual Accelerator: Empowering your virtualization infrastructure capabilities

Enterprises and Communication Service Providers have made the move to virtualization to accelerate the deployment of new network services and remove the constraints of hardware-based appliances. In this webinar, we showcased how 6WIND, with its Virtual Accelerator product, empowers the virtualization infrastructure capabilities and efficiency by boosting overall performance, reducing latency, and optimizing the virtualization resource usage.
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