VMware Webcast: Kubernetes—Lessons and Ideas from the Past, Present and Future

Kubernetes and Cloud-Native infrastructure is shaping the IT department today and in the future. Hear first-hand from Craig McLuckie, co-creator of Kubernetes and VMware’s VP of R&D for Cloud-Native, on why VMware is betting big on Kubernetes, the fastest growing open source effort of all time. Learn the history of Kubernetes directly from one of the creators and explore how companies are using Kubernetes (70% enterprise adoption rate). Also, Craig will discuss the future of K8s, so you can prepare for your future too.
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Application Visibility and Analytics Strategies for Virtualized Data Center


Many companies have invested in virtualization and are investigating next generation technologies to improve their data center infrastructure performance and new tools to manage their critical business applications.
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Securing Your SD-WAN in a Cloudy World

Today’s cloud-first enterprise must securely connect their workers to their applications, no matter where their applications may live. Only by transforming both the WAN edge and security architectures can the full promise of the cloud be fully realized. SD-WAN is your opportunity to re-architect, design and build a network that’s secure and fit for the future. Teneo can help to make this a clear reality in our cloudy world.
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Top 3 Ways Remote Working Has Unknowingly Increased Your Security Risk

Users across the globe have left their office buildings along with the safety and security of the workplace. This has left companies at their most vulnerable because the full scope of their security exposure is unknown. Attackers are wise to the gaps and vulnerabilities that come from remote working. Not only has the attack surface increased in recent months, but the volume of COVID-19 spam, phishing attacks and malware has also skyrocketed. In a battle against timescales, many companies have taken shortcuts on security measures. But what they don’t realize is that failure to overhaul their remote working security strategies now, seriously threatens their productivity, reputation and long-term survival.
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Protecting your Organization Endpoints with Dell Endpoint Security

Your home office, and remote workers use different devices and software programs. Ensure these systems are up and running and keep operating systems as well as applications up to date via regular and scheduled patching. This is critical to maintaining security on all your endpoints. By providing the necessary tools and resources you need to augment your existing security protocols, Dell Technologies can help keep your environment free from threats—giving you the freedom to focus on strategic business initiatives, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your endpoints are secure. In this webinar, we’ll share best practices for amplifying the security perimeter for your remote team with VMware Carbon Black, and how multi-level and built-in layers of security can prevent threats, gain insights, secure endpoint data and help you operate faster. The Dell SafeGuard and Response portfolio, powered by VMware Carbon Black and Secureworks, provides a comprehensive approach to endpoint threat management.
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