vProtect - Modernized Data Protection for Oracle VM & Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager

Learn how can you easily protect both Oracle virtualization platforms with an agent-less backup solution. In this webinar, we will discuss how with vProtect you can backup not only VMs, but also applications and hypervisor configuration.
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Parallel In-Memory Processing and Data Virtualization Redefine Analytics Architectures

The tide is changing for analytics architectures. Traditional approaches, from the data warehouse to the data lake, implicitly assume that all relevant data can be stored in a single, centralized repository. But this approach is slow and expensive, and sometimes not even feasible, because some data sources are too big to be replicated, and data is often too distributed such as those found in cloud data sources to make a “full centralization” strategy successful.
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The Networked Approach to Data Virtualization

In this session, we go through the fundamental differences between operational data virtualization and analytical virtualization, while demonstrating the Zetaris’ Networked Data Platform approach, and the optionality it provides, as an essential part of any successful data strategy in today’s big data world.
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Data Virtualization to Survive a Multi and Hybrid Cloud World


Hybrid cloud computing is slowing becoming the standard for businesses. The transition to hybrid can be challenging depending on the environment and the needs of the business. A successful move will involve using the right technology and seeking the right help. At the same time, multi-cloud strategies are on the rise. More enterprise organizations than ever before are analyzing their current technology portfolio and defining a cloud strategy that encompasses multiple cloud platforms to suit specific app workloads, and move those workloads as they see fit.
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Modernize your Data Center with VMware Hyper-Converged Solutions

Dell Emc

In the world of Multi-Could environments the importance of having an agile and resilient infrastructure is essential to keep up with the demands of business. This webinar will showcase the flexibility and choice VMware offers to help customers build a Cloud ready environment with HCI.
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