Webinar: Clearing the WAN Edge Fog with Versa Networks SD-WAN and SevOne

For organizations of all kinds, the transition to multi-cloud and SaaS is highlighting the inflexibility, low bandwidth capacity and cost-ineffectiveness of their legacy WAN and branch architecture. Enterprises need increased application-driven and cloud-intelligent connectivity with increased and cost-effective bandwidth across their WAN edge. SD-WAN is quickly becoming the new standard for the WAN and branch enabling cost savings, increased reliability and flexibility for their cloud and branch office connectivity needs. Yet many SD-WAN projects are delayed because teams have questions about the technology, the vendor landscape, and how they’ll manage this new approach to managing the WAN.
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Combat Zombie VMs and Reduce VM Sprawl in Your Datacenter

5 Nine

Inability to control VM growth in your datacenter due to VM sprawl can result in security vulnerabilities, performance bottlenecks and potential revenue loss. And without the right combination of tools, techniques, and know-how, Zombie VMs virtual machines that were previously created for a specific purpose but presently do not have a clear-cut utility) could potentially hurt your entire infrastructure.
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Customers are increasingly seeking consistent infrastructure and operations from central data centers and out to public clouds. Learn how VMware Cloud Foundation provides an integrated software-defined platform that is designed from the ground up to deliver the best Private Cloud experience; and the ability to extend to VMware Cloud on AWS and VMware Cloud Providers for a consistent Hybrid Cloud experience.
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Top 3 Ways Remote Working Has Unknowingly Increased Your Security Risk

Users across the globe have left their office buildings along with the safety and security of the workplace. This has left companies at their most vulnerable because the full scope of their security exposure is unknown. Attackers are wise to the gaps and vulnerabilities that come from remote working. Not only has the attack surface increased in recent months, but the volume of COVID-19 spam, phishing attacks and malware has also skyrocketed. In a battle against timescales, many companies have taken shortcuts on security measures. But what they don’t realize is that failure to overhaul their remote working security strategies now, seriously threatens their productivity, reputation and long-term survival.
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Desktop Virtualization Everything you Ever Wanted to Know

The global pandemic has very well changed the very DNA of our work culture. As more and more organizations make the shift to cloud, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is ushering in a work from home -friendly scenario. While this is making the lives of many IT admins easier, with the reduced dependencies on infrastructure.
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