Webinar: Intelligent Cloud Planning, Migration, and Optimization

Sdxcentral LLC

Thinking if the public cloud is right for you? Trying to more intelligently plan cloud adoption without expensive and manual efforts? Already on the cloud and trying to solve cost and security, governance concerns?As you consider public cloud, you’re challenged to make your organization’s cloud journey as seamless and cost-efficient as possible. Learn best practices on how you can build a hybrid, multi-cloud environment that is cost-efficient and productive while maintaining security and seamless application delivery.
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10 most essential performance metrics that businesses should consider when managing their virtual machines.


Future of Virtualization Webinar Series: Benchmarking the State of Virtualization

The Future of Virtualization project is an effort backed by the world's most important communications technology suppliers to create and deliver a single authoritative source for the entire virtualization ecosystem. This webinar will focus on the three indexes developed for the Future of Virtualization initiative – the Virtualized Deployment Index, the Virtualized Planning Index and the Virtualized Spending Index.
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Combat Zombie VMs and Reduce VM Sprawl in Your Datacenter

5 Nine

Inability to control VM growth in your datacenter due to VM sprawl can result in security vulnerabilities, performance bottlenecks and potential revenue loss. And without the right combination of tools, techniques, and know-how, Zombie VMs virtual machines that were previously created for a specific purpose but presently do not have a clear-cut utility) could potentially hurt your entire infrastructure.
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Virtualizing Exadata with Kernel Virtual Machine

Join us for the next session in our Exadata Master Class series where we will look at KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine) and its features and best practices as this being the only virtualization available on X8M. As many customers are new, and still getting used to KVM, we will also touch on differences between OVM vs. KVM and what changes or considerations to plan when moving from other VM platforms
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GDPR Noncompliance: Avoid the Risk with Data Virtualization


In its recent report “Predictions 2018: A year of reckoning”, Forrester predicts that 80% of firms affected by GDPR will not comply with the regulation by May 2018. Of those noncompliant firms, 50% will intentionally not comply.Compliance doesn’t have to be this difficult! What if you have an opportunity to facilitate GDPR compliance with a mature technology and significant cost reduction? Data virtualization is a mature, cost-effective technology that enables privacy by design to facilitate GDPR compliance.
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