Webinar: Virtualizing Next-Generation Access Beyond SD-WAN

Virtualizing next-generation access is about more than SD-WAN. It’s about enabling the next generation of virtualized network functions. While other vendors sell a single SD-WAN appliance, Dell EMC and ADVA have formally partnered to offer more than 50 commercial VNFs (Virtual Network Functions). These VNF are hosted on Dell EMC’s innovative Virtual Edge Platform, which is a universal CPE.
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Addressing the Risk of Unpatched Virtual Machines

With pass-the-hash and other horizontal kill chain techniques all attackers need is one unpatched system to get started. Then as long as they can find another system – and it doesn't have to be an “important” system – to compromise they can keep moving along the horizontal kill chain until they finally reach pay dirt either in the form of a domain wide privileged account or the information itself that they seek. That's why for the past few years I've been saying you have to do everything right on every system. We've seen over and over again that it only takes one system.
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Advance Your AP Science Program with AR/VR

As schools examine resources to support the growth and improvement of AP courses in science, the use of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) has allowed students to do things that were previously dangerous, impossible, counterproductive, and expensive (DICE). Come explore the elements of DICE and how leveraging an AR/VR learning tool can not only provide these experiences but lead to improved exam scores.
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AppTemplate: Data-Centric Infrastructure from NetApp

There are more things engineers need to worry about than ever—infrastructure shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why NetApp has developed the AppTemplate service.
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Streamline IP address and DNS operations with Infoblox and VMware


VMware and Infoblox have teamed up to eliminate the manual processes and custom scripts. Join Neeraj and Tony for this live webinar and learn how to optimize your VMware Cloud and NSX deployments by leveraging IP address and DNS provisioning as part of your automation and orchestration workflows.
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