Why Advanced Monitoring is Key for Healthy Enterprise Deployments

The use of Data Virtualization as a global delivery layer means that Denodo is a critical component of the data architecture. It cannot fail, needs to be fault tolerant and perform as designed. In this context, enterprise level-monitoring is key to make sure the virtual layer is in good health and proactively detect potential issues. Fortunately, Denodo provides a full suite of monitoring capabilities and integrates with leading monitoring tools like Splunk, Elastic and CloudWatch.
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Turning Wi-Fi Requirements into Wireless Designs

Gathering requirements and being able to translate those requirements into a design is the foundation for a high-performing wireless network. This process can be very complex, and is only as good as the data you collect. There are always additional considerations that need to be factored in: the size of the physical location, the environment, performance expectations, network infrastructure, building age, and construction material.
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This introductory session is for anyone considering VMware Cloud on AWS, the relatively new cloud platform released by VMware .In this on-demand webinar, expert speakers from VMware and Faction cover high-level business topics, such as dominant use cases, economics and pricing, and purchasing vehicles.
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Re-Defining VPN with SASE and a Cloud-First Solution

In this webinar, you will learn about Aryaka’s new fully-managed remote worker offering that leverages a SASE-ready, Cloud-First WAN infrastructure to deliver on the user experience and flexibility required for today’s hybrid workplace. Join us live or on-demand.
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IBM Cloud and VMware streamline hybrid cloud adoption


IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions can make cloud adoption faster and easier, helping enable you to optimize the value of your existing on-premises infrastructure, while confidently leveraging the same tools, technologies and skills in the cloud. Gain rapid scalability, deployment and access to best-in-class disaster recovery, backup, security and compliance solutions from an array of ecosystem partners.
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