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I have been morbidly fascinated with a six-week article/video series running on Gizmodo. In this series, reporter Kashmir Hill has attempted to go cold turkey from Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft, one each week. She ended her series by attempting to cut them all out for a week to see if she could survive. The TL;DR result: She survived, barely, but it wasn't easy.Kashmir's series got me thinking: Could I quit the Big Five? Was it even possible? How mission-critical are they each to my daily activities?It's also very interesting in light of presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren's plan to break up the big tech giants. Of course, she has to make it through a primary and then an election before such a plan has any chance of gaining legs.That said, based on both Ms. Hill's experience and my look at the Big Five, it's pretty clear that breaking up those companies is unlikely to cause us to stop using their services.The idea of an anti-trust break-up is to improve competitiveness. But, for most of the businesses we're looking at, there are already one or more substantial competitors. Users like Kashmir and I have simply chosen, from the field of competitors, those that provide the services we most need. DAVID GEWIRTZ READ MORE