. https://blogs.cisco.com/cloud/the-business-benefit-behind-aci-and-multicloud-networking
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I had the chance to spend some time with some of our customers at Cisco Live Melbourne this past week where they asked me about ways to justify the migration to a Software-Defined-Network approach with ACI, by providing hard evidence that this is a game-changer for any industry.I joked with them (since they were mostly network, security and VM admins) by asking how many times they have blamed the network guy for things not working right?Why does this happen? Well, basically because it takes the network-admin longer to identify where a potential problem may be and prove the network is not the one to blame (multiple switches and network devices managed separately). Picking on the network-admin is not always fun since our business may be impacted as a consequence (and sometimes it is not even the network’s fault).As said in other blogs, it is not about performance and reliability any more. We need to be faster provisioning the network, consistently securing it anywhere and able to operate and troubleshoot it simpler. CARLOS CAMPOS TORRES READ MORE