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Nvidia has taken the wraps off its next iteration of workstations for data scientists and users interested in machine learning, with a reference design featuring a pair of Quadro RTX GPUs. Announced at Nvidia GTC on Monday, the dual Quadro RTX 8000 or 6000 GPU design is slated to provide 260 teraflops, and have 96GB of memory available thanks to the use of NVLink.Signed up to provide the new, beefier workstations are Dell, HP, and Lenovo.On the server side, the company unveiled its RTX blade server, which can pack 40 GPUs into an 8U space, and is labelled as a RTX Server Pod when combined with 31 other RTX blade servers. All up, the RTX Server has 1,280 GPUs. The storage and networking backbone of the blade servers are provided by Mellanox -- which Nvidia purchased just shy of $7 billion last week.Speaking during his keynote, CEO Jensen Huang said Pods would be used to support the company's GeForce Now service, to which SoftBank and LG Uplus were announced as members of the GeForce Now Alliance, and its upcoming Omniverse collaboration product that Huang described as Google Docs for movie studios. CHRIS DUCKETT READ MORE