. https://www.computerworld.com.au/article/659030/qualcomm-embeds-cog-virtualization-tech-snapdragon-chips/
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Qualcomm Technologies says it will embed an Australian-developed virtualization platform in select Snapdragon chips, including the new Snapdragon 855.Qualcomm last year revealed details of the Snapdragon 855, which it has claimed is the world’s first commercial mobile platform to support the new 5G wireless standard. The system on a chip is expected to power a range of major Android-based handsets, including Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S10.The announcement is a major win for Cog Systems, whose D4 Secure platform it designed to help lock down mobile devices and other embedded systems.“This means any device maker using a Snapdragon chip need only get in touch with Qualcomm or our team to turn on our defence-grade security,” Cog CEO Daniel Potts wrote in a blog entry. What is exciting about this is that by having great foundational security we take care of limitations that prevented OEMs from creating new and innovative products using technology like AI and machine learning for biometrics, real-time (which robots and autonomous vehicle need. ROHAN PEARCE READ MORE