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The latest version of the container orchestration system Kubernetes, 1.12, brings to GA the Kubelet TLS Bootstrap, a feature that automates the provisioning of TLS client certificates for Kubelets. Kubernetes 1.12 also adds support for container cluster autoscaling on Microsoft Azure’s virtual machine scale sets. You can download the Kubernetes source code from the releases page of its official GitHub repository. Kubernetes is also available by way of the upgrade process provided by the various vendors that supply Kubernetes distributions. Microsoft Windows Server 2019 is now officially supported as a platform for running both Kubernetes worker nodes and container scheduling. This means entire Kubernetes clusters can run on Windows exclusively, rather than having a mix of Windows and Linux systems.The plugin mechanism for Kubectl, the default Kubernetes command-line tool, is now a stable feature, letting developers implement their own Kubectl subcommands as standalone binaries. SERDAR YEGULALP READ MORE