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The scene opens with the blue-grey drabness and cold columns typical of an old-school bank.A man walks through the scene lamenting fees and minimums as he grabs one of the columns and topples them with one hard push. They tumble down to reveal the colorful and modern inside of a new Capital One Cafe (complete with coffee bar and comfy chairs) where, he explains, “this isn’t a typical bank. This is banking reimagined.” It’s a great ad and an unmistakable break from the way most banks approach retail banking, even as most of them attempt to adapt to modern sensibilities.A crucial part of realizing this new banking vision, according to the company's CIO for retail and direct banking, is going all-in on the cloud. "Our main focus is…to provide the best experience for our customers," explained Gill Haus, Senior Vice President, Retail and Direct Bank CIO & Technology Delivery Transformation for Capital One. "We want our customers to live the life they've imagined…and in order to do that we have to spend as much time as possible on the user experience. And, as Haus and Capital One see it, that means committing to moving everything to the cloud. CHARLES ARAUJO READ MORE