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Migrating to a cloud computing platform means your responsibility for data security goes up considerably. Data with various levels of sensitivity is moving out of the confines of your firewall. You no longer have control – your data could reside anywhere in the world, depending on which cloud company you use.Moving to the public cloud or using a hybrid cloud means the potential for cloud security issues is everywhere along the chain. It can happen as the data is prepped for migration, during migration, or potentially within the cloud after the data arrives. And you need to be prepared to address this every step of the way.Data security has been incumbent on the cloud service providers, and they have risen to the occasion. No matter which platform you select in the debate between AWS vs. Azure vs. Google, all sport various compliances to standards like HIPAA, ISO, PCI DSS, and SOC.However, just because the providers offer compliance doesn’t give customers the right to abdicate their responsibilities. They have some measure of responsibility as well, which creates a significant cloud computing challenge. So here are eight critical concepts for data security in the cloud. ANDY PATRIZIO READ MORE