. https://virtualization.network/Resources/Whitepapers/7c739111-284c-4e08-91d5-634cd2a4038e_Cisco-Meeting-Server-Release-Notes-2-4-7.pdf
These release notes describe the new features, improvements and changes in release 2.4 of the Cisco Meeting Server software. The Cisco Meeting Server software can be hosted on: n the Cisco Meeting Server 2000, a UCS 5108 chassis with 8 B200 blades and the Meeting Server software pre-installed as the sole application. n the Cisco Meeting Server 1000, a Cisco UCS server preconfigured with VMware and the Cisco Meeting Server installed as a VM deployment. n the Acano X-Series hardware. n or on a specification-based VM server. Note: From version 2.4 Meeting Server software no longer supports Microsoft Hyper-V. DOWNLOAD