. https://virtualization.network/Resources/Whitepapers/5508565b-4a77-4be8-94b3-f7a201509d6b_Rackspace-XMS-Verification.pdf
This tech note provides instructions on getting a Dialogic PowerMedia XMS media server installed and running on the Rackspace Managed Cloud. This is done using a pre-built Rackspace image containing a working PowerMedia XMS media server, with a four (4) port trial license built into the image. Here is the simple set of steps. Note that a working familiarity with Rackspace on the part of the reader is presumed. Additionally, the Dialogic PowerMedia XMS product will be referred to herein as either “PowerMedia XMS” or simply “XMS” and represents the XMS product as of its release 2.4 or later. DOWNLOAD