. https://virtualization.network/Resources/Whitepapers/5cd07892-a503-4d53-a549-23a9c12af4c5_VirtualizingDatabaseServers.pdf
As servers continue to advance in power, adding more and more memory, disk space, processors and cores into each physical box, many system administrators are finding that their servers are woefully under-utilized. Using a server to only a small percentage of its capacity wastes resources such as electricity, cooling, and space. For some time, the solution was server consolidation, in which multiple servers performing single tasks were consolidated onto a single server, performing each of those tasks separately. For example, setting up a single server to handle DNS, DHCP, Email, file services, print services, database services, and more was very common. This works well in smaller environments, but a failure of one process can often take down the entire server. DOWNLOAD