Modernize your network to meet the demands of modern workloads

The evolution of networks has seen a shift from legacy, proprietary technologies that are hardware-bound to modern, open technologies that are software-driven. As seen with the rapid adoption of server virtualization throughout data centers, today’s organizations are embracing the disaggregated approach of software-defined networking that bring enhanced efficiency, agility and security.

Our vision for the network is open.

In this session, explore Dell Technologies broadest open networking portfolios - spanning both hardware and software. The industry has recognized us for leadership in opening up the network through disaggregation of networking hardware and software, providing customers choice based on their unique needs.
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Security on a tight Budget

Do you need to invest in better security for your organization without overspending? Keeping your company compliant and secure should be a top priority. Have you been holding back on updating your security solutions with the fear of going over budget? Are you looking for ways to cut costs while still getting the best security has to offer? This webinar can help! In this on-demand event, you’ll hear an in-depth discussion on best security recommendations on a budget while exploring Microsoft's new, money-saving security and compliance bundles. Interlink also shows you how to ensure your business is safe, secure and compliant without breaking the bank. Plus, you’ll get recommendations on solutions that help you stay current and protected from security threats, all while on a tight budget.
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5G and SDN Laying the Software-Defined Foundations for 5G Networks


5G and the applications it enables, including IoT, requires a significant upgrade and overhaul of carrier infrastructure beyond the radio networks (RAN). To support the diversity of applications, explosion in number and types of devices, capacity and scale of traffic, CSPs (communications service providers) are turning to adoption of data center innovation adapted and re-developed for telco networks. Virtualization, software-defined controls, distributed computing technologies in the form of NFV, SDN and MEC play key roles in the new telco infrastructure. One of the key technologies is SDN, which is important to creating flexibility in the network to support 5G constructs such as network slicing. SDN’s centralized management and distributed controls over complex software-defined networks across the mobile infrastructure is also a key element in 5G scalability.
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Learn how Parallels RAS Enriches Windows Virtual Desktop

Parallels RAS 18 integrates with and extends the Windows Virtual Desktop experience. Join our webinar to gain a deeper insight into how the integration works and the benefits it offers.
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The Evolution of Trial Virtualization and its Impact on Clinical Supplies

The state of clinical supplies is changing rapidly as we see trials moving towards virtualization. The impact, logistics and strategy to account for these changes and challenges are what we explore on this webinar that face sponsors, sites, depots, CROs and particularly patients. Whether you are currently supporting trial virtualization or will in the future, clinical supply managers and trial clinical study teams will learn how to adapt for this evolving paradigm shift.
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