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I’m always concerned about how enterprises pick their cloud technology configuration. It’s easy to pick virtual platforms from a menu of hundreds of configurations that include memory, storage, CPUs, I/O, and networking. Whatever you pick will probably work, but it won’t be cost-optimized. Enter the new cloud-selection systems. A few new entries to the market promise to remove the guesswork when it’s time to pick a cloud configuration that’s right for specific use cases, industries, and application types. They also tout the ability to analyze existing on-premises systems and determine the proper equivalents in the cloud. Should you push decisions about configuration and cloud selections to these IT decision-making systems?The answer is that it really depends on the data—both the data the decision-making systems have and the data you have. For example, if you do your own proper analysis of your existing on-premises systems, or perhaps your systems that are already in the cloud, you’re likely to find the exact CPU configuration needed, storage, memory, and networking, yourself. That’s because you provided the decision-making system with the correct data in the right level of detail t make it simple for it to create an equivalent configuration. By the way, you could get the same results with some basic math, which I have done many times. DAVID LINTHICUM READ MORE